Selling your toys? Not so fast!

You need to be informed to make a smart decision. Offering you $1000 for toys might sound good, but not if you have $10,000 in toys. Our goal is to educate you first, then make an offer that reflects the market , the effort, and the value add we provide as a globally known and respected dealer. We follow a ridge formula to ensure you are educated every step of the way.

We will help you understand what items you have
We will educate you on the market value of your items
We will provide some guidance on what's involved in selling everything yourself
We will make an offer to buy or help facilitate the sale or your items.

With our global reach, we've sold and shipping to every continent on Earth except Antarctica! If a Penguin gets Venmo or Paypal, we expect we'll have them covered :)

Some Common and Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my stuff worthless because it's all loose?

A: Not at all! There are collectors for all kinds of toys. Some like mint and carded, others want well loved figures.

Q: I have toys that are 40yrs old, they have to be worth something right?

A: Sadly some lines have faded into the background or were so massed produced there might not be a market. Age doesn't equal value. It's a mix of rarity, demand and the toys affect on Pop Culture.

Q: I have a TON of Beanie Babies!! How do I know which are rare?

A: We get this a lot. They're no longer what they were.

Q: Are they toy lines you don't buy?

A: While we enjoy having a robust inventory, we don't deal in open die cast cars (Matchbox, Hot Wheels) , Food Promo toys (McDonalds, Burger King), open board games, open Barbies and modern toys that would be deemed "used" instead of "vintage". Always feel free to ask though!!

Q: Why shouldn't I just sell this myself?

A: We're not saying you shouldn't! This is part of the education process. While it might seem easy to just sell items on EBay , Mercari or Facebook there are a lot of moving parts. Collectors asking specific questions, the labor hours invested in photographing and posting, the investment in proper shipping materials and the time to ship. These things add up in both money and time. Since this is all we do, every hour of our day is dedicated to this. We will explain the hours you might except to put in, and how that translates into your return. You might make an extra $200, but if you put 40 hours into earning it you might feel it wasn't worth the $5 per hour payday.

Q: Can you consign an item?

A: On certain items with higher value or longer sales cycles we can look at alternatives to stroking a check. Due to various issues regarding the practice, plus chain of custody, these would be fleshed out on a case by case basis.